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Bulk Heat Press Equipment and Apparel

Your custom apparel business needs a reliable supplier for the heat press equipment, vinyl, transfer papers, and clothing that you need. Heat Press Zone is the top supplier for you. We are based in Texas but have serviced both national and international businesses. You can receive wholesale prices.

Wholesale Supply for Your Custom Apparel Business

You may have custom t-shirts for various reasons: to help you stand out from the competition, raise brand awareness with an inexpensive product, and even increase team spirit for your employees. Few people would turn down a stylish shirt with a great design on it.

When you need more vinyl or t-shirts, we can provide them with same-day shipping if you order by a certain time. Also check on which items are in stock before making a purchase.

What Is The Best T-Shirt Printing Method?

The better question is what is the best t-shirt printing method for your business? There is screen printing, direct to garment, heat press transfer, dye sublimation.

Screen-printed shirts are best for mass orders, when you have designs that will not sacrifice quality. Use dye sublimation for complicated designs involving multiple colors and when you only use light fabrics.

How Much Does It Cost to Make Custom T-Shirts In Bulk?

You may wonder what price points to set your customized t-shirts if you are selling them. Quantity and your processes will determine those factors. So will your operators’ experience with heat presses, if they would prefer a machine with an automatic shutoff.

Fixed costs include the equipment and energy involved. Heat transfer vinyl and transfer papers are relatively affordable. Regular vinyl can cost as little as one dollar in USD per yard, and transfer papers may be 55 cents per sheet with a pack containing one hundred sheets.

Presses, on the other hand, can range from one hundred to five hundred dollars depending on the features that you desire and the machine type. Manual heat transfer presses are the least expensive, while automatic plotters and cutters will likely be the costliest.

Blank wholesale t-shirts should cost between four to ten USD per shirt. A small quantity may demand retail price at 20 to 30 per shirt. The more that you order in bulk, the more of a discount that you will receive.

Suppose, for example, that you are budgeting $300 for a heat press machine while planning to print up to twenty t-shirts, priced at $5 each. You are purchasing two sheets of transfer paper at 55 cents for the price, and you can round that up to $2. One yard of vinyl would be five dollars. The cost of making the shirts would be about $367. It’s a relatively low cost, making the venture worthwhile.

Refine Your Wholesale Apparel With Heat Press Zone

Heat Press Zone is ready to help you with digital printing and shirt design. We also work with other merchandise that can carry vinyl, including mugs, bottles, and even wooden products.

To find out more about heat printing and bulk order t-shirts, please reach out to us today. Heat Press Zone will answer all of your questions about wholesale heat transfer vinyl and the best means of applying it to different fabric types.

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