Heat Transfer Vinyl

Wholesale Heat Press Vinyl for Custom T-Shirts

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is one means of customizing apparel at an affordable cost. Often one pairs the sheets with transfer paper to implement a brand design onto a shirt, or other material. Some can even print onto wood or metal depending on the machine you use and the vinyl in question. You can get a matte or glossy look, that contributes to a unified aesthetic.

What Is HTV Vinyl?

Also known as iron-on vinyl, people love how easy it is to use, different materials for either crafting or branding. You can weed and transfer designs with ease. The material is permanent and long-lasting. Shirts are one of the most common clothing items that have heat transfer vinyl on them. Businesses love making shirts to establish specific brands.

Long-Lasting Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets

Identify which HTV line is the right option for your apparel. We have a wide color range depending on your branding needs. When applying the printable heat transfer vinyl, we recommend using a press as opposed to iron because it can do larger designs in a shorter amount of time. This makes a heat transfer machine a viable option for businesses.

Check the size chart to assess your vinyl selection. We can sell one yard at a minimum and up to 25 yards in other cases. See if you can qualify for same-day shipping by ordering before 12 PM CDT.

Flex Options For Heat Printing

Sometimes having a standard thermal vinyl option helps with design. Ultra Flex Regular Vinyl comes with over forty different color options and can work with either cotton or cotton-polyester blends. We like how the Ultra Flex Vinyl can allow for detailing. This can be used for sportswear as well as casual clothing, making it a flexible option for brands.

Do you prefer rolls that have some shine to them? Then take a look at our options for Ultra Flex Shimmer Vinyl, with eighteen different shades. This material has glitter flakes as well as stretchiness, to make your design look refined and sparkly at the same time. It will retain its qualities after being washed in temperatures of forty degrees Celsius, and only requires medium pressure during pressing.

Some customers want to go beyond solid colors. We have Ultra Flex Pattern Vinyls, that vary in colors and textures. You can go lurid with stripes, elegant with rose gold, or military with camouflage options.

Working With Iron-On Vinyl And Excess Material

When using vinyl, always identify the shiny and dull sides. Use heat on the dull side to activate the adhesive. The shiny side goes face down on a cutting mat.

How To Weed And Cut Heat Transfer Vinyl

Remember that your design will be mirrored when on the heat transfer vinyl, especially when cutting it facedown on a mat. Make sure you cut the design, including any letters, backward so that it will show right-side-up on the shirt.

Plan out and draw your designs ahead of time before using the vinyl. This will help with removing excess material during weeding. Experts often say that trial and error helps refine the process so that the pattern works on the garment.

Check the machine washing instruction for any heat transfers that you purchase. This little action can save time and allow clothing fabric to last longer. Your brands will also receive more customer trust when a design endures for months or years.

Let Heat Press Zone Provide You With Your Ideal Heat Transfer Equipment

Heat Press Zone believes in providing high-quality wholesale apparel to our customers. We seek the best textiles and options from global manufacturers, while always building partnerships with them. Our goal is to help your shop have the highest-quality heat press supplies wholesale.

To find out more about HTV, please reach out to our customer representatives. Heat Press Zone is ready to answer your questions about heat transfer materials, and which selections will work well for any branding or design.